With these tips you protect yourself and others against the coronavirus

With these tips, you protect yourself and others against the coronavirus

It is a fact: the coronavirus has also settled in our country. It is important to know what you can do to protect yourself and others against the virus. These four tips are a good start.

The coronavirus has been gaining ground in recent weeks. It is still a relatively new virus, but what is already clear is that the virus, like the flu, spreads through tiny moisture particles in the air, among other things. When a carrier of the virus coughs or sneezes, he or she launches a cloud of infected droplets. If you inhale part of it or get it in some other way, you can become infected.

Slightly stricter

To avoid getting sick, you should do much the same as if you were surrounded by colleagues or family members with the common flu. Only a bit stricter. There is no need to panic, so some precautions may seem a bit too much, but they are also there to protect older or frail people in your area. Because although healthy people initially do not notice infection with the coronavirus and rather experience it as the flu, people with reduced resistance can become seriously ill. And unfortunately, there is no medication or vaccination yet.

Four smart precautions

Apply these tips to reduce the chances of you or someone around you getting sick.

1) The most important thing: good hand hygiene

It is almost hallucinatory to notice how often you (unconsciously) touch your nose, mouth, eyes or face. That way you can easily get or spread pathogens. Fortunately, you can eliminate the pathogens on your hands by washing them thoroughly and regularly, even more often than you already do. For example, after a ride on public transport and certainly after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose. Don’t do it fast-fast, but wash them for at least forty seconds – and preferably 60 seconds – using plenty of soap. Don’t forget to rub between your fingers and also bring your wrists and the top of your hands. Then rinse your hands abundantly under running water and dry them with a piece of paper or freshly washed towel. A disinfectant hand gel is useful when there is no water nearby.

Also, be careful not to touch your nose or mouth with your hands too often. Some companies are no longer shaking hands. That sounds absurd, but it is not such a crazy measure when you consider how easily germs are passed through the hands.

2) Cough and sneezing etiquette

It is important to cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing. It is best to do this with a paper tissue that you immediately throw away in a (closed) dustbin. Do you suddenly sneeze? Then get into the habit of doing this in the crease of your elbow. Those tiny moisture droplets cannot go that way.

3) Avoid close contact with sick people

Because the coronavirus travels so easily from one person to another, there is a risk of having close contact with sick people. If you walk past someone who is infected on the street, the chances are still very small that you will get the coronavirus. So at the moment, you don’t have to lock yourself up at home. But if the virus breaks out en masse in our country, it can be smart to avoid places where many people spend a long time together in an enclosed space, such as public transport, the cinema or a concert hall. In that case, it will be especially important to follow official government advice.

4) Improve the current state of your immune system

Stay active, eat well and healthily, avoid and stay on top of stress are the most common factors to boost your immune system.

Stress causes a natural reaction in our body that allows us to respond quickly and alertly to danger: our pulse and breathing accelerate, the muscles move, adrenaline is released into our blood. We are extra alert and our body is ready to fight or flee. This reaction is an important survival mechanism, for example when you come face to face with a bear.

In our society, however, we are rarely identified with bears. However, with a number of stressful situations in which this automatic reaction of the body does not do much. If you get annoyed because you are in a traffic jam with the car, then it is of no use to your body to be ready to run.

There is nothing wrong with stress in our life. Most people need a little bit of healthy stress to have enough challenge and feel good. However, stress becomes a problem when the payload exceeds our capacity (the resources we have to deal with the situation).

If something drastic happens, such as losing your job or a break-up, or if you are under pressure for a long time, for example, due to too much work, tensions or lack of money, the stress can lead to overload and exhaustion. In the worst case, that results in burnout.

Excessive stress and overload manifest themselves in all kinds of symptoms, both physically and psychologically and in terms of your behavior.

5) Stay home when you are sick

It goes without saying, but many people have a hard time with it. In our performance-oriented society, we get the feeling that we have to work continuously. Too bad, because that attitude can be detrimental to our health. So don’t go to work or school if you feel the flu or have a fever. For the love of yourself and your fellow man.

Extra resources to protect?

As said before: in principle, the immune system of healthy people can perfectly master most respiratory viruses. In certain cases, it is still a good idea to protect yourself extra. By using a medical device such as ViruProtect from the first signs of a cold or when someone in your area has a cold, you can already protect yourself against cold viruses. In 2018, ViruProtect was tested against multiple viruses – including the human coronavirus – and showed that ViruProtect deactivates the virus by up to 99.9%. This study took place in 2018, so the latest variant of the coronavirus (Covid19) was not tested.

ViruProtect is a throat spray active in the mouth and pharynx where cold viruses are present and multiply. It has a 3-fold action against viruses: it encloses the viruses, it deactivates its multiplication and forms a protective layer in the nasal pharynx.


Giving your natural resistance a "boost" by taking certain food products such as garlic or supplements such as vitamin C does not make sense. Sleeping too long or walking around the block every day is not enough in itself. You can only get your natural resistance in top shape with general healthy eating and living habits. Follow our recommendations in our Immune System Boost Programme.


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